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Application Process

Application Process:

  1. Learn about your options at a General Information Session.
  2. Search for your program on our website.
  3. Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor.
  4. Start your online application.
  5. Talk with your Academic Advisor.
  6. Complete the online application.


Independent Programs - Eligibility will vary by program.
Academic Year Programs - Requirements for this program are generally a 2.75 GPA (some countries require a 3.0 GPA). Students may study in English in most locations and many are open to sophomores. Though certain programs require 2 years of a foreign language and a junior class standing.
Semester Programs - The requirements for these programs are generally a 2.75-3.0 GPA and a sophomore/junior/senior class standing.


APPLY before the deadline:
March 14 for fall semester programs and calendar year programs
October 1 for spring semester programs and CSULB academic year programs
December 15 for CSU academic year programs (CSU IP)